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Cat, Quilt and Sunday Afternoon


Here she is last Sunday taking over my quilt! I went to do some work on the center of the quilt and found Ms Gracie Cat taking a Sunday afternoon {all day} nap! This writing is mostly about me trying to get my quilt and table back and not  forcing the issue. I went back upstairs after making Ms Gracie go through a photo shoot.  Yes, I did get to quilt finally, she wanted to eat and had to leave to come up stairs for dinner.

TAKE 1  I'm napping!

TAKE 1 I was napping!

TAKE 2... rub my ear

TAKE 2…washing my face

TAKE 3...what do you want?

TAKE 3…what do you want?

TAKE 4...Can I help you???


TAKE 5....yawn
TAKE 5….yawn

TAKE 6...


TAKE 7  ...gotta an Itch!
TAKE 7 …gotta an itch!


TAKE 9...nap time again

TAKE 9…nap time again

TAKE 10...Good night

TAKE 10…Good night

She woke up!

She woke up!

I went to sew!

I went to sew!

{ Did I tell you I got flowers this week?}

{ Did I tell you I got flowers this week?}


Wednesday, I’m tired, school is late


Today is a slow day, I got out of bed late, breakfast was late, school will be late. My post is late, I just deleted what I had written {cry}

As a homeschooler, home educator I can pick my hours of school, and they can change each day! The point is to do the hours the state says to do, and the work they say to do. This week we were structured until today….I ran out of energy! Monday was a full school day with a basketball game {2 games and clean up after the games} Tuesday, same story, second verse! Wednesday, late school day and then to church for AWANA and choir practice…Thursday will be school and {2 basketball games again} Friday, no games but my Husband Fred will be away from home referring a basketball game, Saturday we will have 4 basketball games, and it will be senior day so we will have a presentation for our 10 seniors! It will be a long day. I have one of those seniors.

So, today, we will take it slow and get school done and meals done { the little dog a bath} and some quilt binding finished up and….keep going along as life is what it is and then our children grow up way too fast.  Sorry for the random thoughts! I am tired.