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Road to Bali {quilt}


I finally started machine quilting (hand quilting would take me forever)

Here’s some before pictures and my thoughts:

What thread shall I use??

What thread shall I use?? {HELP}

Close up of the two borders and the edge of the center.
Close up of the two borders and the edge of the center.

black, grey, yellow, white {do you see the bee?}

black, grey, yellow, do you see the bee?

041 The final will come much later! So, are you quilting anything?





Almost a Year


I have been using Duri, Rejuvacote for almost if not a year by now. I was a true skeptic at first. A really good trustworthy friend suggested it to me after a post that I had made on Facebook about my nails not growing. Well as a girl and young lady and well in to my adult life now, I never had nails that would grow! I hated it, I would try different ideas to get them to grow…. {I admit as a child I did bite the nails}…also my nails would break, except my thumb nails, they were strong. So here I am to show you that …. I now have nails, growing so strong and long that I am filing them down! I am finding it hard to believe! FYI, I bought Rejuvacote on Amazon.com I searched until I found a great price and free shipping. I just started on my second bottle this week. As always because I like pictures here are a couple, I am a visual person, here’s what the bottle looks like and my nails today:

{love this! I used it for 7 days, kept adding as it does come off, then I added polish after the 7 days were up}

{ I used it for 7 days, kept adding as it does come off, then I added polish after the 7 days were up}

{my hot pink nails today}

{my hot pink nails today}

Me and Thee and Flowers


I have been blessed with receiving flowers from my hubby this past week, first he brought me, a single red rose

{True Love}

{True Love}

Then another surprise came about mid week (yet I don’t really remember when he brought it to me}  I do love flowers and they bring happiness and cheer a hundredfold during the winter months… maybe that is why we have Valentine’s Day in February? You tell me, for I do not know. 😉


{Gerbera ? Daisy)

…..The List…

  1. C’s quilt finished before April
  2. lose weight, de-clutter my body and be healthy 🙂
  3. jumping cat quilt …..sandwich me please {purchase backing and binding} FINISHED 2/2013                                                        

    Jumping Cat Quilt2/2013

    Jumping Cat Quilt

  4. sister J’s quilt make it this year…start from cutting fabric!
  5. finish making daughter M’s burgundy wine afghan...It’s over 1/2 finished  FINISHED 3/21/20131363875937199
  6. start postage stamp quilt…I have a lot of squares cut (woot…woot)   my basket is getting deeper in squares! 3/2013
  7. paint kitchen cabinets! RED and add new knobs {((love))}
  8. plan 25th wedding anniversary,  take the trip in 2014  {{{double love}}}
  9. pay it forward to my friend MM, the promise I made on Facebook this year, she gets a free gift from me some time this year. S.U.P.R.I.S.E
  10. new kitchen floor
  11. new crown (the toothy kind)
  12. start saving for a new sewing machine  {{A DREAM COME TRUE}}
  13. sell my un needed items on eBay

Something New


First time for everything, never to old to learn, it’s a start and something new for me to do! I hope blogging  is as fun and I think it is! I enjoy reading other people’s blogs.  This is a “learn as I go” experience, not so far removed from the way I have learned just […]