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November 2014 Really?


Where did the year go? I haven’t been here for a whole stinkin’ full year? Life has changed. That.Is.True.Good changes and hard changes. We made health changes with the introduction of celiac disease coming into my husband’s life May 2014. We knew something was wrong but it took months to discover what. Basically, no gluten in our diet! learning to bake differently is a challenge and having it taste good another! All is getting much better 6 months into it now.

I have been sewing like crazy on my new quilting machine and loving it. I have been keeping an eye out for a new sewing machine with ‘bells and whistles”. I have a jar of saving to grow, so some day I will be getting that new machine!

I’m ready for the holidays this year, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the house is decorated, our son will be home for the holidays before transferring to a new college. A brief time for all of us to be together before January hits.

This Saturday, we are to get snow, that being tomorrow….maybe I will return to show pictures of it….

peach cobbler in the oven, a dinner to prepare and sewing is calling my name (so is house cleaning).

Calicocat checking out!


Behold, a Saturday at home sweet home


What does this day hold? Our son is off to the near by college, about 40 minutes drive, to try for a scholarship with his clarinet. I do not think he will know the results today.

Our long 3 hour drive to basketball games were cancelled yesterday, due to the large amount of snow (heard that Hays had 17″) now I have a Saturday to clean and do some much desired sewing! I plan to come back and fill you in on what happened to my day!

update #1 eating chili and cornbread and looking at blogs; then checking out a tutorial on machine quilting….sun is out but it’s only 19* 🙂

update #2 {again} I did this and can’t find it {sad face for sure} Caleb did well with his clarinet!!

had a great time chatting,sewing and laughing with friends this afternoon. finished c’s quilt top, cut some more 2.5″ squares.

Had a nice evening with hubby and popcorn, talking basketball tournament (while I was sewing) Here’s a pic of the quilt we designed:

C told me the colors and the block shapes. Fred and I did the math and figured the yardage, Oh, now to buy backing!

C told me the colors and the block shapes. Fred and I did the math and figured the yardage, Oh, now to buy backing!