Craft Fair


Heading out to my first one in years. Should be fun. I think I will see a few of my friends there as shppers and venders.

Here we go…


November Is Here!


Here I sit and wonder how November arrived so quickly. I suppose I need to go to the other computer and find a boat load of photos to show how full life has really been! We have one son in college, that was back in August, one is at home but working and thinking of what he wants to do, our youngest  daughter is in 8th grade and finished up volleyball, her team had a great year. She is now in basketball. My husband and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary and are now back into the rat race of real life after taking a quick break to be alone for a few days.

I am happy to say my health is much better and I am changing my eat habits to work on not having so many migraines. That has been a really big change for me, a new life you could say. I am working to do more of what I love, because life is truly short. My bucket list needs up dating, I have done very well at getting it done this year, I must say I am proud of myself. I think we should give ourselves a pat on the back or a high five at times. Don’t you?

To anyone who reads this….I wish you a blessed day! Lo<3 e   CAT


May, maybe Be about Gone


Should I say I am sorry? Time has slipped away from me since April and it snowed. I will take the time to post pictures later, because I think that is what  people really like more than anything.

As I sit here, I see baby robins messing around in their nest as the wind is kicking up and it is not safe for them. Where is their mama????  She needs to make them sit still, their nest is in the back of our portable basketball goal, I am scared for them. I don’t want them to fall out!

This is what has happened:

I had to put my 17 year old Shasta cat to sleep 😦  she had a tumor and failing kidneys… I could not watch her suffer any longer…and it came upon me so quickly!

The first part of May our son graduated! A joyous occasion!! We had graduation, Caleb spoke, his dad spoke, I handed his his diploma and we hugged and said I love you and tried not to cry…..

The next day had to take my father in law by ambulance to hospital from Sunday School, he had fainted, but we thought it could have been  his heart or stroke (he is 94 yrs)… he is fine, he truly fainted!

The next week end…that same son called from work with a blind spot in his eye…to the eye doc we went… the hospital we went on Saturday for emergency surgery for a torn,detached retina to the right eye. { hard to have your 18 year old go through this} but God is Good all the time and I know He is in control….

Time went by fast….missed my bucket list dead line for getting Caleb’s quilt finished…. and other things I am catching up on besides this blog…pictures will come…we had meetings…I have had health issues…my oldest daughter is engaged! So much to tell you! ❤

Our son is enrolled in college, I am working on weight lose, working on the quilt again, keeping grandsons for the summer months….life is picking up!



Sunflower Bag


(Last Post for today)

K made this a couple of weeks ago for her AWANA leader for “leader appreciation day” as a thank you to Ms. Karla

1364399844662K did the work, I did the cutting and instructing, this was the first reversible bag she ever made, it was fun!

I’m out of here and off to walk and homeschooling! ta-ta

have an awesome day ya’ll     I THINK WE MIGHT GET SOME RAIN.

Catching up time…

Gracie got made at me taking her picture

Gracie got made at me taking her picture {sour puss}

Lacey, let me take her picture and wagged her tail!

Lacey, let me take her picture and wagged her tail!

Fred made a fire for s'mores

Fred made a fire for s’mores

grandson's stuffing their mouths with s'mores

grandson’s stuffing their mouths with s’mores

it got dark, papa and grandson E roasting marshmallows!

it got dark, papa and grandson E roasting marshmallows!

I was baking and watching Iron Man 2... relaxing in the recliner with a drink!

I was baking and watching Iron Man 2… relaxing in the recliner with a drink! aaahh!

This was the Easter Eggs I 'made' this year...not

This was the Easter Eggs I ‘made’ this year…not

THIS is what M got for Easter this year....AN ENGAGEMENT RING

THIS is what M got for Easter this year….AN ENGAGEMENT RING ( I see my feet and K’s)

So, looks like, we will be having a new son-in-law and he has 2 sons….grandson count will be up to 4!   I do have nice Easter pics but they are not ready to show yet.

K eating her cookies n' cream bunnie

K eating her cookies n’ cream bunnie