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Table Topper and more


My March project that’s a Sew-A-Long with friends has FINALLY been completed 👏 I admit I made mine smaller than the pattern, my tables aren’t larg\ne enough to accommodate such a size. But I love💚 this 1930’s shoo fly, 9-patch block. Scrappy IS my absolute favorite!!!😍 I love the old sewing machine’s for the backing!

I love how this takes me back to Great-Grandma’s home, ues my GREAT! She was amazing! I actually knew 2 if my great-grandmothers, but my memory is on one right now👵adorable lady. Well, on to the rest of today…

Oh, this morning we had snow, is it the last of the snow? Who knows❄

We cleared out to continue towards our 40 bags in 40 days, 3 bags and one sad bedside table, in the dumpster! 2 days ago, 2 boxes!

Our 2 cats are 4, March 27, I forgot🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Good Night!

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Jan 1, 2019…it feels like 15°


Question, do you think germs get in here? Are they in the meat because I cut the package open? Should I have washed the package with soap?

Always make sure to cook the meat completely! Wash your hands with soap and remove germs. Don’t become obsessed with it, but be clean and safe.


I’m gonna wash the cans a little, just a bit of warm soapy water before using my can opener. Have you considered how many hands have touched these cans?🤔😮

Well, a few I think, some were safe some not so much.

Browning nicely. 🤩✔

Now we wait….yum

Rainy October



Like 2ish years since I left the blog world 😏

Life changed for me, lot more sewing, swapping fabrics in the mail through FB groups. Empty Nesters heading to parents day after our baby girl went to college.

☔ Back to it being a rainy season for us this Fall. October has become very wet and we cant finish projects 😢😟

I’m working on many quilts! I plan to share pictures with you over the next few days or weeks.

Friendship Block.

Shoo Fly Block

Well, I better get to work!

🐈See ya later🎶



This past Tuesday I started using a water app on my phone, I was getting so busy, some days I was forgetting to drink. Well, I would sip water but to really drink my 70 ounces per day, I wasn’t!!

The app is great😊 it even shoes statistics on how good or bad I’ve done for the week. I mean, my TOP days and low days!

I just get so busy I can’t recall did I get my water intake? Well if you are like me you might like a water app on your phone!
Have a great weekend🏕

Farmer’s Market Saturday!


Today we spend time at farmer’s market, our first trip of the season.
We found, radishes, onions, bacon and homemade peach jam!

We had a hunting shopping trip that was greatly productive 😀 and very much a fail 😜.
*found & updated my tablet
* updated my laptop
* didn’t find certain magazine holders
* I bought the wrong birthday gift

Awe, tonight, I got a foot soak and rub. So wonderful 🌺
While coloring and relaxing. Thank you Fred💓
👫Such a great day when I start with Plexus💝

See you another day.



I do really enjoy writing. I have allowed myself to become so busy that my blog got pushed back..way back.

You know how a mom is, want to do so many, many hobbies. I still love Plexus, I got really involved with sharing the products and my story!

I have been quilting!

I have been serving the Lord!!!

Taking care of my husband, kids, and grand-kids! Furbabies!

Now I have a new Bucket List to work on! My new word this year:

PURGE…deleting unwanted items from my home, deleting unwanted fat from my body! So far  slow but good. I am keeping tract so I can see the victory 🙂

Homeschooling is still going on and we are running at our own pace, each students 😉  The cats are fun to watch. 3 teen kittens and my older cat. I need to find pictures for you, being that I’m (sadly) just like a cat mom, I have too many pictures.

Plexus Facebook still going! Plexus website is new! Love it, new look check it out!   Health and Wellness! Who doesn’t want it?




November 2014 Really?


Where did the year go? I haven’t been here for a whole stinkin’ full year? Life has changed. That.Is.True.Good changes and hard changes. We made health changes with the introduction of celiac disease coming into my husband’s life May 2014. We knew something was wrong but it took months to discover what. Basically, no gluten in our diet! learning to bake differently is a challenge and having it taste good another! All is getting much better 6 months into it now.

I have been sewing like crazy on my new quilting machine and loving it. I have been keeping an eye out for a new sewing machine with ‘bells and whistles”. I have a jar of saving to grow, so some day I will be getting that new machine!

I’m ready for the holidays this year, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the house is decorated, our son will be home for the holidays before transferring to a new college. A brief time for all of us to be together before January hits.

This Saturday, we are to get snow, that being tomorrow….maybe I will return to show pictures of it….

peach cobbler in the oven, a dinner to prepare and sewing is calling my name (so is house cleaning).

Calicocat checking out!