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Cat, Quilt and Sunday Afternoon


Here she is last Sunday taking over my quilt! I went to do some work on the center of the quilt and found Ms Gracie Cat taking a Sunday afternoon {all day} nap! This writing is mostly about me trying to get my quilt and table back and not  forcing the issue. I went back upstairs after making Ms Gracie go through a photo shoot.  Yes, I did get to quilt finally, she wanted to eat and had to leave to come up stairs for dinner.

TAKE 1  I'm napping!

TAKE 1 I was napping!

TAKE 2... rub my ear

TAKE 2…washing my face

TAKE 3...what do you want?

TAKE 3…what do you want?

TAKE 4...Can I help you???


TAKE 5....yawn
TAKE 5….yawn

TAKE 6...


TAKE 7  ...gotta an Itch!
TAKE 7 …gotta an itch!


TAKE 9...nap time again

TAKE 9…nap time again

TAKE 10...Good night

TAKE 10…Good night

She woke up!

She woke up!

I went to sew!

I went to sew!

{ Did I tell you I got flowers this week?}

{ Did I tell you I got flowers this week?}


I could CRY….right now…


I am not sure what happened. I had a long post that I wrote earlier today and it is gone. I am so sure that I kept it and that I published it.  Fact: I did not. I could cry, but that would be like crying over spilled milk????

  What’s the point???It’s gone. So, I will move on, yet I don’t feel like writing or trying to remember what I had written earlier today. Happy Day After Christmas to ya! I need to tell some people that I have blog in case they find me interesting enough to READ!

Merry Christmas to you!!!


down with the heat!


Yesterday and today are a tad bit cooler, what a nice change from the 100 plus we have been dealing with. PTL for all weather, we can adapt, right???? do the usual mom thing today, laundry, dreaming, sewing a sundress (still) and planning a get-a-way. Yes a mini vacation is in store for us at some time this year!

Hair Day!


Today is the awesome day of having high lights added to my long hair! Shall I have it cut or keep it growing? Well, a trim for sure, but soon I will be making the choice of what to do, what to do. Red is a great color and blonde, which one will I go this this time? Be back soon….
It has been a while longer than I wanted it to be, had a migraine and well that’s the story.

My hair is brighter and nicer and some what shorter but not much!

Something New


First time for everything, never to old to learn, it’s a start and something new for me to do! I hope blogging  is as fun and I think it is! I enjoy reading other people’s blogs.  This is a “learn as I go” experience, not so far removed from the way I have learned just […]