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Things I plan to do but I will not be upset if I can’t get it done in the time frame I have chosen; sometimes life changes things and you have to be flexible! God is in control not me!



I do really enjoy writing. I have allowed myself to become so busy that my blog got pushed back..way back.

You know how a mom is, want to do so many, many hobbies. I still love Plexus, I got really involved with sharing the products and my story!

I have been quilting!

I have been serving the Lord!!!

Taking care of my husband, kids, and grand-kids! Furbabies!

Now I have a new Bucket List to work on! My new word this year:

PURGE…deleting unwanted items from my home, deleting unwanted fat from my body! So far  slow but good. I am keeping tract so I can see the victory 🙂

Homeschooling is still going on and we are running at our own pace, each students 😉  The cats are fun to watch. 3 teen kittens and my older cat. I need to find pictures for you, being that I’m (sadly) just like a cat mom, I have too many pictures.

Plexus Facebook still going! Plexus website is new! Love it, new look check it out!   Health and Wellness! Who doesn’t want it?





Jumping/Leaping Cats or Kittens? Quilt


How do you figure out a name for a quilt?

I came up with JUMPING CATS  guess that was the first name that hit me!

Well I finished it 3 cheers!!!   Cheer….Cheer…cheer

Here’s the pictures, and it’s one off my BUCKET list makes me feel good, however, I am afraid I might be skipping #2 on The List (lose weight)

I am now working on #1  C’s quilt since he graduates in May and I need to get graduation finalized around here (homeschooling)

Time to get pictures ordered (we took some a couple of different days), announcements, cap and gown, diploma ,ect.

Back to the quilt…the list….

Here’s a few pictures of the Jumping Cats:

Close up!

Close up! Some fabric in my stash!

before backing

before backing



Warm February Day...50*

Warm February Day…50*

K’s Quilt Getting Quilted!


Here’s the pictures of the last days/couple of weeks that it took me to get to the point for K to hand stitch the binding for her quilt!

[clean the machine and it will work with you]

[clean the machine and it will work with you]

[wish they could give a shorter screw driver with the kits]

[wish they could give a shorter screw driver with the kits]

[Here I go quilting the center black first]

[Here I go quilting the center black first]

[whizzing along listening to music]

[whizzing along listening to music]


[random stitching]

[binding is sewn on and reading for K to hand stitch]

[binding is sewn on and ready for K to hand stitch]

final picture…………….to be continued 🙂

…..The List…

  1. C’s quilt finished before April
  2. lose weight, de-clutter my body and be healthy 🙂
  3. jumping cat quilt …..sandwich me please {purchase backing and binding} FINISHED 2/2013                                                        

    Jumping Cat Quilt2/2013

    Jumping Cat Quilt

  4. sister J’s quilt make it this year…start from cutting fabric!
  5. finish making daughter M’s burgundy wine afghan...It’s over 1/2 finished  FINISHED 3/21/20131363875937199
  6. start postage stamp quilt…I have a lot of squares cut (woot…woot)   my basket is getting deeper in squares! 3/2013
  7. paint kitchen cabinets! RED and add new knobs {((love))}
  8. plan 25th wedding anniversary,  take the trip in 2014  {{{double love}}}
  9. pay it forward to my friend MM, the promise I made on Facebook this year, she gets a free gift from me some time this year. S.U.P.R.I.S.E
  10. new kitchen floor
  11. new crown (the toothy kind)
  12. start saving for a new sewing machine  {{A DREAM COME TRUE}}
  13. sell my un needed items on eBay