I'm so cold I need a cup this size!The DAY after Christmas, resting,yet I was resting on Christmas Day also! Ree Drummond says to be real when blogging, so I will do so. I  AM COLD, the winder weather has finally arrived in Salina, KS, and it is about time. I have waited for a month and a half to have colder weather. I feel fall didn’t really make much of an appearance. As, for today, I am grateful for hot water, hot coffee, hot tea and maybe hot cider!  Today I hope to relearn how to blog and to keep up the “good work”.  Christmas was wonderful as is always is, just because I remember our Savior being sent a a baby to save the world!!!! He makes life bearable when you have to go through the pain of learning that some family has lost a loved one. This year, my parent’s friend’s daughter passed away on Christmas day, she was on Hospice but non the less, such heartache for them. Then I learned from my Mom that a second grader, all of 7 years old died on December 21. He goes to school where I went to school and graduated, Covington-Douglas. His mother is the kindergarten teacher (Christi) her sister Jeni is married to my cousin Matt; Jett was being cared for by his oldest brother who is a senior, Jett had a really bad asthma attach, his brother took him to the hospital (parents were at company Christmas party), they could not save him. I learned from Facebook that Jett decorated the family Christmas tree all by himself and he was so proud. As a mom, I would have a very hard time taking that tree down. I have prayers for the family and extra special ones for the brother (s) who watched Jett that night, he did the best he knew to do and I pray he doesn’t carry the blame. 

I ask that you hug the ones you love and care for a little tighter and longer each day and tell them you love them for we know not the hour our time on this earth we will leave. Merry-Day- After-CHRISTmas-to You.


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