Monthly Archives: September 2015

Back To School and Blogging!



I am done being SICK, I was sick for 2 years and now life is getting so much better, my body is healing. I have energy coming back! I started my PLEXUS JOURNEY in August. That is exciting to me! I have a Facebook page Cathy Schweer- Independent Plexus Ambassador-Plexus Journey if you are interested in the products. I plan to keep you posted on my progress.   You can shop my website right here!

My kids are growing up. I have my youngest in 10th grade. I am helping my oldest {daughter} homeschool her 2 sons, so back to 8th grade and 6th grade!!!  Fun Times!!!

My September son is turning 22 ASAP how can this be??? he is working in a restaurant and becoming a wonderful cook!

College bound son did not come home this past summer, he is in the engineering department at K-ST. Working and going to classes, it’s a busy year for him.

My Wonderful Man is back to reffing football at full speed now that we know he can not tolerate gluten! His body was shutting down on us but he is good to go now…makes my heart glad!! ❤

Back to my quilting, I have plenty to do tonight and it’s 8pm already. No one wants to ready a long blog about nothing. Have a great night everyone!

Oh, I have been blessed with a calico cat ❤  silly cat she is!