Day 5 last day for Spring Break


K and her friend wanted to go to the Mall, so I went fabric shopping while they ran around. Let me back up…we did get the ‘snow’ it was not much, I have a picture to show you, I almost didn’t get one before it melted, it is in the 30’s * F today. On the way to the Mall (we only have one) I saw a salt truck, then I saw another, and then later at home one drove down our street, yes, they are using salt on the roads, is there still something I do not know? I guess we might once again get snow or ice? Well, okay.

snow this morning

snow this morning

tea this morning, I was thinking of flip flops  :)

tea this morning, I was thinking of flip flops 🙂

So, the girls and I went to the Mall. I purchased pure white fabric (2 5/8 yds) and cocoa brown fabric 1/2 yd) . I had coupons, never shop with out them if I can! So, I  spent $22.91…..I have a pattern I bought a while back and so I needed the back ground (white) and the brown for the dress stand base. Quilt is called Pretty Dresses by Black Mountain Quilts. I have so many quilts waiting to be finished or made, I will  be starting this one and just work on it here and there when I get the time. I have a friends quilt to make first and my sister’s quilt to make.

The girls found clearance, duck tape and billfolds that hold their cell phones. Very cute! 

As for this evening, Hubby and I are alone {with dogs} he is napping. I think we might go grab something to eat…I think I will get a nap for a bit. Came home, watched basketball, some old Red Skelton DVDs and I worked on my quilt.


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It's never to late to get started on what I want to do or feel I are suppose to do. So, here, I am, sharing a bit of me and some of my talent. Living my life for I have only one to live! After a time of illness, I feel great and plan to take advantage of it and do what I enjoy doing and share on this blog. SEWING AND CRAFTING AND PLEXUS

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