Day 4 Thursday, of Spring Break


This week is truly flying by for me! I have not sat at my sewing machine all week long. Bummer!  Still I was proud to get some much needed work done around the house and time was well spent with my youngest daughter K. Today’s forecast ..hasn’t happened yet and don’t think it will; rain turn to snow 30% chance. It’s 35*F right now and it feels cold out there. My outdoor cat Shasta wants in the garage, but she can handle the outdoors. She has shelter.

!. Looking for bag pattern and purse pattern this morning   free downloadable bags   ton of choices! Here is what we picked  reversible tote bag

2. We didn’t get snow, but Friday morning we did get a very small amount that melted by 9am-10am

3. We had fish that Fred caught last summer, bass and catfish, love the taste of fresh caught! Sure glad he likes to fish. (thank you honey) and I made cookies!

4. Can’t believe I didn’t get this posted on Thursday 😦   We watched Lord of the Rings, Two towers, stayed up way late! Because we needed to watch basketball again. It is March Madness after all!

5. K started hand stitching the binding on her lap quilt! She has a bag to make over the week end.

{snicker doodle cookies again}

{snicker doodle cookies again}




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