Day 3 March 20th of Spring Break


Today is a little cooler, news is telling u we have a chance of rain and snow starting tonight and Thursday. I just started thinking SPRING since today IS the first day of spring   😉

I painted my nails grabbed the flip flop and a T-shirt….now may be back to fall clothes for a bit longer? We shall see what really happens. I forgot to take pictures of our outing, but K and I went to the Mall today for a pretzel, we ran into friends (my friends) we sat with them. We ate and chatted for a bit then K and I went on our way to look for shoes (for her).

Dressy shoes…. heels!  no luck this time around. RATS!  Next, fabric ( how could I pass up a fabric store when I have to walk right by one?) NOT gonna happen if I can help it…. we went in, found fabric for the backing of son C’s quilt, found fabric to make a bag and then we brain stormed to make K a sling purse, we are on the hunt for the pattern (free one we hope).

So, no real pictures of us,  😀 Going to make dinner now…

Looked at making a surprise quilt with a friend ( will only be calling it that until it is finished) Had a police officer in the neighborhood this afternoon, do not know what he was doing but that is never an exciting thing to see an officer going into your neighbor’s back yards, 3 different yards. What was he looking for? Will the newspaper tell me tomorrow?
1363823781952Recipe: Chicken breast, bacon, brown sugar and chili powder (mix what you think you will need and make as spicy as you like). Heat oven to 350*F. Cut chicken , wrap bacon around it, coat with brown sugar/chili mixture; put on cookie sheet (I sprayed mine with cooking spray just in case they stuck) Bake 30-35  minutes. Recipe from Facebook  

Fred and K went to the YMCA for some fun! I cleared the kitchen, now to do some sewing! Daughter M’s afghan is FINISHED! #5 is now marked off the list (Done on Wednesday). So ended the 3rd day of break with a basketball game and The Fellowship of the Rings!



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