What-a-Week :) End


Friday was a tournament for our high school boys team. We left the house early, 6:10am met some others at Wal Mart to head south to Leon, Kansas! Yep! 4 games our team had!

K and took some sewing she wanted to learn to embroidery, I bought myself a kit as well , since it had been years since doing this.

We stopped at McDonald’s to stretch and get “breakfast” that is about all I can do at that place, it’s better than nothing…..small black coffee with bacon,egg, cheese biscuit….preparing to get on the road again and eating, {little foggy that day along with smidge of icy-ness on burb lights and windshield}

First Game: My son didn’t play, the other team was small and our older guys would have stomped them; so our second string had to do the job, they did not! Therefore we lost, and deserved it. They had way too many missed shots and free throws… you just can’t miss free throws, you just can’t….I mean like 90% of them.

Two games in between….K and I get out our embroidery, I get her set up but she ends up running around with her friends and never learns to embroidery! I start working on I mine.

Second Game: Finally my son is playing and the other boys, but not at the same time. We play an Oklahoma team. We are ahead the whole game then get a little behind (too many games for me to remember the score for you) I was taking pictures, then the tie up  end of the 4th quarter, we have the ball under the Ok teams goal, we have plenty of time…2.7seconds I think, my son ends up with the ball, he dribbles, goes across the half court line and he releases the ball, it looks to be short…his team mate is ready to catch and shot…..the buzzer…. the ball……. swish…did it go in the hole in time???? YES? THEY WIN BY 3?!!!! Even the other team was excited {to a point}…. our coach [my hubby} was mentally preparing for overtime when out of the corner of his eye he sees the ball go in!  OH, THE JOY AND LAUGHTER ON THE BASKETBALL COURT…..my C was a hero for a couple of seconds….for forever a hero in this mom’s heart .

Two game break, our boys needed a rest and food!

Third Game: Second hardest game of the day, but our boys still won and everyone got to play. My mind is a blur by this time, it is 3pm and I have been sitting in bleachers many hours, eating some and drinking water, and one coke. Taking lots of pictures! We the EAGLES played a team from Arkansas City {we say Ark City}…The Lions!!!

Yes…2 game waiting period again and now it is after 6pm before our last game….it’s running slightly behind but doing well!

Fourth Game: Another Oklahoma team, we won by alot, and my son didn’t play as much but did play. We came home with 3rd place because there was a 3 way tie and the tie breaker was point scores on those games not the tournament game, so no biggy! our boys had fun and played some good ball!

Dinner time! Pizza Inn, three car loads, not that many of us, 4 adults, 6 young men who are starving and silly!hearts_collage-3961Saturday, our church had a Valentine Banquet, for married couples and singles could come if they wished 🙂 We had lasagna, spaghetti, salad  catered in, the salad is not your ordinary salad {avocado; chicken;crumbled bacon their house dressing} we had country singing for entertainment. It was a good evening and being i am on the committee who plans I was blessed with helping to cleaning!

Today was Sunday, we went to church for worship, sang…listened to great sermon and sang again. Then had dinner at home on this windy 34ish * day and I took a nap {so did my hubby, 2 dogs and probably the cats} Soon, we head to small group. That is my What-A-Weekend!

Hope yours was fun, full, and great!


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