Second Semester


K had her second basketball practice this morning, we get up at 5am and leave at 5:40 for the Y Friday will be the next practice and games on Saturday.   K and her dad do a lawn service and snow removal, they had 4 driveways to do. They did one last night, 1 this morning and 2 this afternoon.

 Today is a half day of school for us.

K finished her decoupaged jewelry box! it is beautiful, she did an awesome job! 

Next up is  a pillow. She worked on Trek (AWANA) since she has class tonight. Pretty sure that is all we can get done this day.


About calicocatco

It's never to late to get started on what I want to do or feel I are suppose to do. So, here, I am, sharing a bit of me and some of my talent. Living my life for I have only one to live! After a time of illness, I feel great and plan to take advantage of it and do what I enjoy doing and share on this blog. SEWING AND CRAFTING AND PLEXUS

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