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Today we will have school, how does a home-schooler have a snow day? 🙂 Dis-advantage, however the advantage is we can stay home or get out whatever we feel like doing when it’s cold and snowy out.  Monday was a shorts day with 78* then it dropped to 34*


{Tuesday Night}


{Wednesday Morning out my Window}


{ I love the little White Chair with Snow on it}



Basketball Week, Really?


This week just became one of those really busy homeschool weeks where I feel like we are fighting to have school.We had an unexpected funeral of a dearly loved man from church on Monday. His daughter is a dear friend of mine and our family so we grieved deeply with them and it hurt soooo badly! 😥

I had a sewing day on Tuesday and we delivered at quilt to a special boy named L who suffered from shaken baby syndrome. His new mom says he only has quarter of a brain that also makes me cry. He is a cutie at 4 years old; he happens to be blind and deaf also. Yet we felt and did his mom and one sister,that he was hearing some of what we were saying since he was responding!   He is the youngest of 10 kids!!!

Oh yes, basketball, we had a basketball night on Tuesday, 3 of them. I have 2 players, but only one played this night, my senior son C.

Wednesday, Doctor R appointments for K and I our chiropractor! Then we tried to do some school work but didn’t get all subject done.

Thursday was a trip to a new dental office for 4 out of 5 of us. and K as a game tonight. Today a better day of school!!! And I will be sandwiching 2 quilts that are way way WAY overdue! I had to run out to JoAnn’s and buy more batting, I didn’t have as much as I thought! So while I was there, I purchased backing fabric for my jumping cats quilt. Son C will have to go help find fabric for his quilt back.

Friday, school, a full day, plus away basketball games, we leave a 4p and both kids will play, however, thee will be a game or two between my kids gaems so I will be sitting for a couple of hours in a tiny town in Kansas…probably sewing on the binding of a quilt.

13805_10200287532216488_189738223_nThis is L’s quilt! it is red flannel on the back and ‘things’ for him to grab and it has textured squares of fabric for him to touch and feel! My girlfriends and I were so excited to give this to him and his mom was happy too! ❤

…..The List…

  1. C’s quilt finished before April
  2. lose weight, de-clutter my body and be healthy 🙂
  3. jumping cat quilt …..sandwich me please {purchase backing and binding} FINISHED 2/2013                                                        

    Jumping Cat Quilt2/2013

    Jumping Cat Quilt

  4. sister J’s quilt make it this year…start from cutting fabric!
  5. finish making daughter M’s burgundy wine afghan...It’s over 1/2 finished  FINISHED 3/21/20131363875937199
  6. start postage stamp quilt…I have a lot of squares cut (woot…woot)   my basket is getting deeper in squares! 3/2013
  7. paint kitchen cabinets! RED and add new knobs {((love))}
  8. plan 25th wedding anniversary,  take the trip in 2014  {{{double love}}}
  9. pay it forward to my friend MM, the promise I made on Facebook this year, she gets a free gift from me some time this year. S.U.P.R.I.S.E
  10. new kitchen floor
  11. new crown (the toothy kind)
  12. start saving for a new sewing machine  {{A DREAM COME TRUE}}
  13. sell my un needed items on eBay