I could CRY….right now…


I am not sure what happened. I had a long post that I wrote earlier today and it is gone. I am so sure that I kept it and that I published it.  Fact: I did not. I could cry, but that would be like crying over spilled milk????

  What’s the point???It’s gone. So, I will move on, yet I don’t feel like writing or trying to remember what I had written earlier today. Happy Day After Christmas to ya! I need to tell some people that I have blog in case they find me interesting enough to READ!

Merry Christmas to you!!!



About calicocatco

It's never to late to get started on what I want to do or feel I are suppose to do. So, here, I am, sharing a bit of me and some of my talent. Living my life for I have only one to live! After a time of illness, I feel great and plan to take advantage of it and do what I enjoy doing and share on this blog. SEWING AND CRAFTING AND PLEXUS

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