Monthly Archives: December 2012

Just thinking about this week of Christmas…


BEAUTIFUL Day! sun is shining here in the heartland.

There is good in every day even when it’s sad or bad things happen. There are times we have to dig deep to find some thread of good, this week [since Dec 21] several people have passed away. Along with the JOYS of CHRISTmas there are hurting people. This year I happen to know several people who’s lives have been touched by the loss. A 7 year old boy, from the community I grew up in in Oklahoma….a divorced mom (I think could have died of a broken heart)….a daughter (maybe my age) her parents are friends with my parents…left this earth on Christmas Day, she was with Hospice. I know there are more just by looking at the newspapers. Life goes on and it must.

This Friday is not so bad, the sun is shining on me here, this noon day.

I plan to grocery shop for my hubby bears birthday tomorrow; shop at Kohl’s; do some creative sewing; and throw some laundry type work into my day….better get to it.



I could CRY….right now…


I am not sure what happened. I had a long post that I wrote earlier today and it is gone. I am so sure that I kept it and that I published it.  Fact: I did not. I could cry, but that would be like crying over spilled milk????

  What’s the point???It’s gone. So, I will move on, yet I don’t feel like writing or trying to remember what I had written earlier today. Happy Day After Christmas to ya! I need to tell some people that I have blog in case they find me interesting enough to READ!

Merry Christmas to you!!!