Monthly Archives: July 2012

down with the heat!


Yesterday and today are a tad bit cooler, what a nice change from the 100 plus we have been dealing with. PTL for all weather, we can adapt, right???? do the usual mom thing today, laundry, dreaming, sewing a sundress (still) and planning a get-a-way. Yes a mini vacation is in store for us at some time this year!


making a dress


I’m going to make a dress, sundress, for my DD, she believes I can do it! Boy it has been a long time since I have make her anything to wear. I will get started TODAY!!!

July 31……..I am still working on the dress! I have the front about finished, I believe that it will go quickly after that….stay tuned!

Hair Day!


Today is the awesome day of having high lights added to my long hair! Shall I have it cut or keep it growing? Well, a trim for sure, but soon I will be making the choice of what to do, what to do. Red is a great color and blonde, which one will I go this this time? Be back soon….
It has been a while longer than I wanted it to be, had a migraine and well that’s the story.

My hair is brighter and nicer and some what shorter but not much!

Bread and Cookies


Today was my second day of desiring to bake! It was so much fun, except for it being 102* outside. I think baking is supposed to be done in cooler weather, but when I’m in the mood- I better do it!

Zucchini Bread, 6 loaves

Banana Bread, 2 loaves

White chocolate chip cookies, 3 dozen

As a side note, I truly love to use my Pampered Chief baking pans! the ….best…there….is!

Something New


First time for everything, never to old to learn, it’s a start and something new for me to do! I hope blogging  is as fun and I think it is! I enjoy reading other people’s blogs.  This is a “learn as I go” experience, not so far removed from the way I have learned just […]